Renewable Energy is all over Africa

The world is well aware of the abundant crude oil deposit discoveries across the continent of Africa and it is globally acknowledged that this is the continent to partner with, hence the major impact on global resource potential that Africa’s oil and gas exploration and production has had. Almost all the East African countries have caused an international interest that is rising.

Oil & Gas contracts

Africa has received major ion-flow of contracts and deals concerning the Oil & Gas Sector. Many international businesses are finalising deals with the continent.

Prospects of Renewable Energy in Africa

Sizable renewable and new energy resources are available in Africa and believe it or not, these resources are being under-exploited with merely 10% of the continent’s hydro potential has been harnessed. Africa’s energy sector is on the edge to lead the way—with an attentive eye on renewable energy. Geothermal power is predominantly concentrated in eastern Africa. However, many fragmented spots of high-intensity geothermal potential have been found across the continent. There is huge potential for geothermal energy in Great Rift Valley—a place with approximately 6,000 kilometers length.

Existing and Future Renewable Energy Enterprises in Africa

Major wind projects are in Egypt, and others are near completion in countries like Morocco, Ethiopia and Kenya. Hydropower is also a potentially powerful resource for many countries such as those in East Africa; solar continues to make headlines with the Desertec Initiative in North Africa and other projects throughout southern Africa are gaining momentum; and bio-fuels is on its way to being commercially viable in Ghana, Malawi and Mozambique – just to name a few.

Africa’s Renewable Energy Development Plans

The Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) said the country is planning to produce about 15903 MW of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2015. A report by the technical committee set up by Federal Government to evaluate the country’s renewable energy potentials said the nation has about 15 sources from which it can expand its existing power generation capacities. These sources include the wind, biomass, hydroelectricity, tidal, wave, solar, geothermal, compressed natural gas, radiant, wood and so on.

Egypt’s greenhouse gas emissions have been among the fastest growing in the world. By 2020, Egypt hopes to generate 20% of energy from renewable sources. Africa is tremendously gifted with myriad oil and gas and new energy opportunities that can sustain the world. The world is witnessing the realization of energy opportunities in Africa as THIS is the era that will provide the promise of prosperity, like never before.

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