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Job searching has its moments. Sometimes they are overwhelming, and other times self-fulfilling. Either way, searching for a job doesn’t have to be so stressful with the help of a positive attitude and self-discipline. Africa is seeing a lot of employment growth and the contient has so much to offer such as the Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking, Finance, Insurance, IT, Agriculture and Engineering Industries.

1.       Have a vision

In terms of skills and qualifications, it is of most importance to have a clear direction as to what kind of working environment is flattering for you.

2.       Compile a winning CV

Now that you have a vision concerning your ideal working environment, the nest step is to compile a unique and ambitious driven resume.

Maybe formal writing is not your strength, turn to family and friends who can assist you in compiling your CV. Additionally, there are endless online facilities which help you build sufficient resumes.

3.       Start making decisions

Once you have a clear vision of what working environment would appeal to you and what wouldn’t, write down the companies you would most want to work for. If this step is intimidating, there are an over flow of recruitment and staffing companies that specialise in this. All it takes is submitting your CV. Just note that when you apply directly to a firm, you may need to alter your CV ever so slightly. ,CA Global Headhunters – Recruitment in Africa is the top leading recruitment firm globally. To submit your CV visit: ,

4.       Strategise your job search

A great way to implement your job search is to start mapping out connection / networks; start linking people you know who work there now or have worked there in the past. Ask such connections to introduce you and perhaps make a referral. Express your ambition to be employed by the firm and share your skills!

5.       Apply with Confidence

This is the fun part. Start sending your Resume and Cover Letter off to your network and firms you’ve set your hopes for. All your above planning certainly will pay off making all the stress worth the effort

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