Seeking new job opportunities? Speak Up! You might be surprised.

At some point in time in your career you will find yourself in a position where you are unhappy, frustrated or even bored with the type of work you do, the work environment, your manager or it goes as far as the people you work with. Our natural human reaction is to complain about it or start looking for something new.

You find yourself in a limbo state of mind, doing the bare minimum at work and not caring about anything or anyone. The worse part of your day is actually getting out of bed, ready and on your way to work.

After being in recruitment for almost 7 years, I have experience the aftermath of unhappiness in the work place and felt it was time to shed some light on the topic.

There is a huge, if not massive mistake that most people make when they are unhappy. They don’t speak up. Of course you speak up to your spouse, family and friends but what about speaking to the people at work that can actually help?

Speak up! Are you insane! Would be our first reaction and for the most part we would much rather just move on and not face the music or our managers.

We fear that if we speak up, our perfect comfortable world we know might seize to exist, even worse we might be fired on the spot. However, reality is far from it and your manager, or boss whatever you call your line-up, can’t fix something they don’t know is broken, they might even surprise you and find a solution you never thought possible.

So, here’s an idea. Instead of going the painful route of seeking new employment, why not have a chat first.

If speaking-up doesn’t resolve your problem then at least you know you did everything you could and moving on is the only option.

If you are ready to move on and have taken the step in speaking-up, please get in touch with a trusted specialist consultant at CA Global for ,Recruitment in Africa.

We know and understand how important your career is to you.

Wishing you all the best.

About Our Guest Author

Diane Thake: Group Operations Manager at CA Global has a passion for recruitment and takes on the role of operations, training and human resources.

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