Signs you should quit your job

Occasionally, we all have bad days at our job. Maybe a coworker said something, or you’re overwhelmed with work, or you’re not responding with your boss’s leadership. Sometimes these things pile up and get worse, leading you to consider quitting your job. If you’re on the fence about quitting your job, allow yourself to look at the signs. Here are a few signs it is time to quit you job.

Signs you should quit your job

Signs that you should quit your job:

You dread going to work

If you wake up every day dreading having to go to work, that is not healthy. You should not loathe going to work. Yes, sometimes we don’t feel like going to work. But if you genuinely dread the thought of spending another day at work, you need to leave that job.

You spend more time procrastinating than working

Most of us procrastinate from time to time. It is a natural human activity. However, if most of your work day is spent doing everyone but working, you’re not working well. You find every excuse to not work, and when you do work, you put in little energy. This can be a sign that you are not engaging with your work. There needs to be some aspect of your job that interests you. If not, you are not motivated to complete your work.

Your office has a toxic work environment

A toxic work environment is a deal breaker for many. This can refer to unpleasant coworkers, ineffectual leadership, and the general culture of the workplace. A toxic work environment can truly ruin one’s day and make workers reluctant to come to work. In this case, it might be time to find a place that is a better fit for you.

You are not growing in your current position:

You want to be constantly improving in your career. Ideally, your work should offer various opportunities to growth and improvement. For example, attending talks, conferences, educational courses etc. Opportunities for promotion or salary increase should also be offered at some point in your career. If your job feels like a dead end with no opportunities for growth, you need to rethink your job.

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