SOUTH AFRICA took first place for top dream destination…IN THE WORLD!

7 of the most beautiful destinations in the world were included in a travel-related social network competition that saw South Africa take the number one spot, chosen by its 21 million users! The other 6 nominations were Brazil, India, Dubai, Fiji, Turkey, and Indonesia, however, South Africa’s beauty and popularity made it difficult for the other countries as it is the most desirable. The title of the competition was named The Dream Destination Competition run by the world’s biggest travel and lifestyle social network namely WAYN which essentially revealed the top 7 dream destinations in the world.

From all over the world, South Africa (SA) accomplished to gather votes amounting to more than 15 300, making SA the number ONE dream destination. In total 78 000 votes amounted for all 7 of the destinations. The selected destinations, including cities and countries, were nominated through a mixture of market research statistics and tracking user engagement via WAYN created a special micro-site for the competition which offered members who voted the possibility to win an iPad.

The immense popularity of South Africa as a tourist destination has been highlighted by this competition, and fascinatingly the movement we are seeing relates with the latest announcement by President Jacob Zuma that the foreign visitor figures to South Africa have fully-fledged by 300% equating to 13.5 million visitors, 9.2 million of which were tourists.

I feel extremely fortunate to be a resident in this beautiful country! This is a special and unique place comprised of sensational wildlife, breath-taking landscapes, inspiring adventure, and matchless heritage and culture. South Africa is my home to warm, friendly people, who all eager to share it with tourists and travelers from far and remote areas. It truly touches my heart to know that hundreds of thousands of people embrace the beauty belonging to South Africa and the people part of it.


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