South African Billionaires on the UK Rich List 2019

The UK’s Sunday Times recently released its 2019 Rich List, detailing the UK’s richest 1000 people. Included in this list are people with dual citizenship. 9 South Africans have appeared on the list this year.

About the List:

The list, which estimates the 1,000 richest people in the UK, is based on identifiable wealth including land, property, other assets such as art, and shares in companies, the Sunday Times says. It does not include the amount contained in people’s bank accounts. To feature on the list, you would need £120 million. Combined, these entrants are worth £771.13 billion.

South African on the UK Rich List:

25: Nicky Oppenheimer and Family – Nicky Oppenheimer is the former chairman of De Beers Mining and former deputy chairman of Anglo-American. For 85 years until 2012, the Oppenheimer family occupied a controlling spot in the world’s diamond trade.

31: Nathan Kirsh – The bulk of Nathan “Natie” Kirsh’s fortune comes from Jetro Holdings, which owns restaurant supply stores Jetro Cash and Carry and Restaurant Depot.

155: Douw Steyn and Family – Douw Steyn is the founder of BGL Group, a UK-based insurance and financial services company, and the parent of

162: Manfred Gorvy and Family – Manfred S. Gorvy is a South African investor and philanthropist based in London. He is the founder and chairman of Hanover Acceptances.

130: Sir Donald Gordon and Family – Sir Donald Gordon was the founder of Liberty Life Association of Africa in 1957, out of which he formed Transatlantic Insurance Holdings plc, now Liberty International, in 1980.

268: Mark Shuttleworth – Shuttleworth is a South African entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd.

268: Tony Tabatznik and Family – South African-born Tabatznik, 70, sold his Stevenage business Arrow Generics to US firm Watson Pharmaceuticals for $1.75 billion. He had previously netted £200 million for his family’s Generics (UK) outfit.

339: Vivian Imerman – Vivian Saul Imerman is a South-African born businessman and former CEO of Del Monte International and Whyte and Mackay.

851: Richard Gnodde – Gnodde is the vice chairman of Goldman Sachs and the chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs International.

International top 10 billionaires:

  1. Sri and Gopi Hinduja (Industry and finance) | £22bn
  2. David and Simon Reuben (Property and internet) | £18.7bn
  3. Sir Jim Ratcliffe (Chemicals) | £18.2bn
  4. Sir Leonard Blavatnik (Investment, music, and media) | £14.4bn
  5. Sir James Dyson and family (Household goods and technology) | £12.6bn
  6. Kirsten and Jorn Rausing (Inheritance and investment) | £12.3bn
  7. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (Inheritance, brewing, and banking) | £12bn
  8. Alisher Usmanov (Mining and investment) | £11.3bn
  9. Roman Abramovich (Oil and industry) | £11.2bn
  10. Mikhail Fridman (Industry) | £10.9bn

[Source: Original article: Business Tech]

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