We’re Starting the Countdown to GTR Africa 2023 London!

Scott Fraser, the CA Global Finance Manager of recruitment for the Finance, Fintech and IT sectors
Scott Fraser

London, here we come! CA Global Finance is counting down the days to GTR Africa 2023 London, the leading annual trade and commodities event, on 8 November. Our Manager of Finance, Fintech & IT recruitment, Scott Fraser will be in attendance as a proud representative of our team to check out what’s happening in the industry while networking with other market players and exploring opportunities.

Set up a meeting with Scott at GTR Africa 2023 London

About GTR Africa 2023 London

GTR Africa 2023 London is an annual conference that is well-known as the top trade finance gathering in London for companies and financiers with an interest in Africa.

Here, attendees have the chance to connect with a wide range of players in the industry, such as local and international banks, corporations, SMEs, independent investors, commodity traders, brokers, insurance experts, risk managers, lawyers, consultants, export credit agencies (ECAs), international organisations, and more!

What to expect at this year’s event

  • Exhibitors: There will be more than 20 exhibitors showcasing their products and services.
  • Networking: You’ll have over three hours of networking opportunities in the day to meet and connect with other members of the trade finance industry.
  • Expert Speakers: You’ll hear from more than 50 speakers sharing their expertise, experiences, and perceptions of the market.
  • Great Content: The event will cover a wide range of interesting topics related to trade finance in Africa and various other regions.
  • Business Meetings: Attendees can schedule meetings with one another to make valuable connections and forge deals.
  • Evening Reception: To top it off, there’s an evening drinks reception where you can unwind and chat with fellow attendees.

Key topics of discussion:

  1. African Trade Analysis: This provides an overview of the big picture when it comes to trade in Africa and the opportunities it presents.
  2. Trade Finance’s Future in Africa: How to make sure trade finance remains strong and reliable in Africa in the years to come.
  3. UK-Africa Trade: Exploring new ways to boost trade between the UK and Africa.
  4. African Debt and Climate Finance: Discussing the debt situation in African countries and how to support climate-friendly investing.
  5. ECA Changes: Understanding the reforms in Export Credit Agencies and how to stay competitive in the African market.
  6. African Trade and Sustainability: Balancing the goals of sustainability (environmental and social responsibility) with economic development in African trade.

It’s an exciting and educational event with opportunities to make important connections and be a part of discussions that shape the future of trade in Africa, and CA Global Finance is always delighted to be able to attend.

About Scott Fraser

We are thrilled to announce that our consultant and manager Scott Fraser will be attending the event on behalf of the CA Global Finance team. In the span of just under three years, Scott has swiftly worked his way up from a green recruitment consultant to CA Finance’s manager of recruitment for the finance, IT, and fintech sectors in Africa.

Along with this impressive growth, Scott also has shown an impressive ability to foster genuine professional relationships and has acquired a wealth of knowledge of the African markets and finance industry. He puts this knowledge, along with drive and commitment, to use in his work, going the extra mile for his clients. This pays off; Scott is a frequent top biller within the CA Finance division.

If you’d like to meet with Scott at GTR Africa 2023 London, contact him via email at sfraser@caglobalint.com to set up a time.

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