The African Building & Engineering Industry

The African building and engineering industry is said to significantly grow over the next 5 years.  Civil engineering is the leading market division, signifying above 50% of the complete construction and engineering industry.

The building and engineering trade comprises the whole process of building plans from start and construction right through to site redevelopment. Safety is a key factor in the engineering industry, with engineers and builders seeking to generate safe buildings and structures for use in many settings from residential to professional to transport. Structures such as railways and roads must be safe for use, while buildings must conform to safety protocols in order to evade electrical and mechanical misfortunes, and to decrease the risk of fire.

Other worker responsibility factors:

  1. Quality control;
  2. Verification of structural design;
  3. adherence to technology and building standards

Engineering activities:

Building and engineering covers extensive activities such as  –

  1. Building design and structural stability;
  2. With technical overview of air conditioning;
  3. Heating;
  4. Plumbing;
  5. Electrical;
  6. Lighting and ventilation;
  7. Analyses of fire protection and energy efficiency systems.

Energy Efficiency Engineering

Energy efficiency has become a vital point for Africa’s building and engineering sector as customers seek to cut energy costs. Heat loss can be decreased by roughly 50% because of building practices such as:

  1. Door sealing;
  2. Thermal insulation;
  3. Energy-efficient windows;
  4. Foundations;
  5. Basement slabs.

Green construction moves away from traditional building practices towards integrated design to construct and maintain buildings with minimal negative impact on the environment.

The need for roads and highways in Africa will drop over the next few years but will pick up again because of government regulation. The African rail infrastructure industry is made up of:

  1. freight rail equipment
  2. passenger and related services demand

Though there is expected to be a short-term falling off in demand for building and engineering as stimulus-funded projects wind down, this will be offset in the long term by a stronger economic climate. State funding will grow certain market sectors such as the building of roads and railway systems.

Areas promising innovation and investment include energy efficiency and green building. Businesses and residents alike are likely to invest in energy efficient building to decrease energy prices, while government legislation will support development in the green building sector as environmental concerns become more and more vital within all disciplines.

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