The CA Global Group Celebrates our Managing Director Bradley Barr’s Birthday and we share the

Bradley Barr Managing Director of The CA Global Group

Bradley Barr
Managing Director of The CA Global Group

Today we, the CA Global Group, celebrated our MD’s birthday, Bradley Barr. As a token of our appreciation we thought it would be a great idea to let him and the rest of the world know why we have so much to thank him for.  Here is what we had to say about our favourite boss.


“He made me aware of the importance of social networking, to be open for negotiation with clients in business affairs and doesn’t believe in micromanagement.  He also has an interest in his staff and what goes on in their lives. “

Danelle le Roux : Senior Banking and Financial Recruiter & Executive Search Specialist: Africa)


“Having joined CA Global from a local recruitment background, I found the recruitment techniques and methodology devised by Bradley and employed by CA Global to be refreshing and exciting.”

Geoffrey Allison: General Manager ~ Africa Board Level Executive Search


“It doesn’t matter as to which position you are in at CA Global, everybody is equal!”

David Raby: Oil & Gas Headhunter and Recruitment Consultant


“Bradley has taught me how to go about conducting all my business dealings in an ethical manner by being open and honest with all clients and candidates at all times. He is an exemplary businessman who always leads by example and is definitely one of my top role models within the industry. He is light hearted but has the vital skill of being able to separate everything that is work related from issues of a more personal nature“

Ish Johaardien: Engineering Recruitment Specialist ~ Power, Renewable Energy, Industrial, Civil, Petrochemical and Commercial

Leanne Small

“Bradley is quite approachable as a boss – he treats his team as people, not “just another number” and is understanding and supportive when you need to speak to him.

At our staff functions (especially when we went to the Breede River) Bradley really “lets his hair down” – it’s nice to see the fun side of your boss.

It’s great to see Bradley’s face light up when his children are around, and know that his family are the most important thing to him. Yes, obviously he wants the business to make as much money as possible, as anyone would, but at the end of the day he knows what’s really important in life, unlike a lot of other business owners whose worlds revolve around money.

I’ve been with the company for over 5 years now, and while I can’t remember one particular anecdote or word of advice that Bradley has given me over the years, I can say that he has imparted many jewels of wisdom and always has an open door if you’re in need of advice.”

Leanne Laas: Executive Senior Mining Consultant


“What I’ve learned from Bradley, is that you should never be afraid to try new things and express new ideas, keep developing and with a little guidance along the way, anything is achievable.”

Megan Smith: Divisional Manager : Engineering ~Power, Renewable energy, Industrial, Civil, Petrochemical, Commercial

Stephen Small

Funny thought on Bradley Barr:

“When you’re excited about just having made a successful placement, Bradley will congratulate you and let you enjoy it that day, but then the next day he will be back and asking with a wry smile “so? What’s next? You’re only as good as your last placement.” As much as it usually makes me groan, roll my eyes and shake my head, he’s right. He is just ensuring that it stays with you that recruitment is a very competitive industry and your job is never done. If you’re sitting back and having a breather, you can be sure that someone, somewhere else is filling ‘your’ vacancy.”

Stephen Oakes: Mining EPCM: Executive Recruitment Specialist

Ashleigh Small

Best Advice: “You’re only as good as your next placement”

Ashleigh Hurwitz: Executive Recruitment Consultant


“Each employee is unique and has talents of their own. Utilise them in a position that will allow them to grow and give them the freedom to do so. Before hiring someone ask yourself if the person will add value to the business.”

Diane Thake: Group Operations Manager

Eugenio Small

“Bradley has shown me how to look 6 to 12 months ahead if you want to stay in business. Also to move with the times and the trends.  A great and fair leader who has always supported my motives within my division.  Always enthusiastic about moving to the next level and how we will get to that level.”

Eugenio Maggi : Oil & Gas Divisional Director


“For me the best business advice would be to be a flexible solution to each client.  Each client is different and you need to have a different strategy to develop each client.“

Hugo Lambrecht: Head of Executive Search Banking, Insurance, Finance & Legal


“If other people can do it, we can do it! Let’s go for it!”

Olivier Ernst: Group Commercial Manager CA Global

Vivienne Small

“Success = Building and maintaining ethical relationships, being flexible, never taking shortcuts and always striving for the next big thing!”

Vivienne Gower: CA Mining ~ Managing Director

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