The Demand For Engineering Jobs in Africa Is On The Rise

There is a diverse range of commodities found across Africa relevant in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Finance Sectors. However, lets not forget about the engineers in the world. This blog is dedicated to ALL the engineers out there.

What I find so fascinating about recruiting skilled workers who are perfect for engineering jobs in africa, is that engineers belong to pretty much all the industry and commodity sectors. Mining has engineers, Offshore and onshore operations have engineers, country infrastructure reform depends on engineers and so so much more.

A survey which analysed a search index of over 500,000 job vacancies has revealed the engineering sector had been buoyant during 2012 with an average salaries increase by 6% over the year’s last 6 months. Predicted to continue booming in the first half of 2013, the engineering industry has become a tempting choice for job seekers offering a diverse set of career paths in which you can pursue.

From aerospace, food production and beer brewing, to subsea, hydraulics and race engineering – there are great opportunities facing today’s engineering professional as a result of rapidly changing technologies.

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