The FIRST African Diaspora World Tourism Awards

Today we hit up a conversation about the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards.

On Saturday 27 April 2013 the first African Diaspora World Tourism Award was hosted at Atlanta Airport, Marriott Hotel, aimed at encouraging confidence in Africans as an honorable race in the world. Hundreds of African Americans attended to observe and engage in this grand event.

It was one of the most glorious congregations of the African Americans as they socialized with their kinsmen from Ghana, Republic of Benin, Kenya, Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean,  Jamaica, Brazil, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Senegal.

Planned by the African Diaspora and AD King Foundation, the award ceremony was the highlight of the 3-day event.  Hosted in memory of Marcus Garvey, who was the changeable African American social crusader, saw the purpose of this even. Members who attended the event saw this as an opportunity to praise and appreciate Africans who have taken giant steps at increasing and protecting the cultural tradition and the tourism potentialities of the black race.

The complete set-up of the event was enveloped and bound with events that searched into the historical past of African – American diaspora containing a proud past, glorious present and a wonderful future. The friendly and welcoming venue was inspirational as the guests were directed round the venue where they were able to familiarise themselves with the legendary efforts and victory of their forebears in America.

The event was rounded off by the visit to the African Travel Exhibition where African tourism sellers and buyers met and networked.

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