The Future of Work

Automation, artificial intelligence and the advance of robots are changing work as we know it. How we go about our daily job is changing at a rapid pace as we adapt to the new advances in technology. While this may make some jobs obsolete, it will also bring about new jobs never before thought possible or necessary. These advances in technology can enhance how we do our jobs. Its not just technologically driven fields. Practically every field will be affected by AI. Here are a few trends we can expect for the future of work:

Future workplace trends

  1. Adaptation is the name of the game – In order to benefit from these inevitable advances, we need to embrace them. Take the time to learn about AI, automation and robots. Learn how to work with them, rather than against them. Those who can yield the power of data will do particularly well in this environment.
  2. Required skills will focus on tech and education – admin related roles such as those in service, sales and transportation are the most likely to be filled by machine learning. More focus will thus be placed on jobs related to software, apps, data and education as automation increases productivity across job sectors.
  3. Human Communication Skills will become more important – While AI might feel like it is taking over, we still need human leadership. A computer cannot inspire a generation. A computer cannot mentor a junior. We will need thoughtful, inquisitive leaders to communicate and lead in this new technological era. The human touch is what will set businesses apart. Jobs that require passion, consciousness, emotional intelligence, creativity and relationship management will increase as AI replaces others.
  4. Creativity is a must- AI will take over the mundane, every day work that often takes up our time, thus leaving more time for humans to focus on complex issues and projects that require a human touch. As such, soft skills will continue to grow in importance. This is the time for humans to be creative and come up with ideas and strategies that robots cannot.

The New Normal

It is easy to get swept up in the fear of jobs being replaced by machines. However, it is important to remember that humans will still have a role to play in this new workplace. Technology that is deployed and implemented by humans will populate the future of work. Robots are thus built to complement, streamline, and redefine existing jobs, not replace us. These technological advances cannot replace the human touch. As such, a worker’s greatest asset in the years to come will be their humanity.

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