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To apply for any of the following Engineering jobs, send your CV to with the job name as the subject liner. Alternatively, you can click on the Engineering jobs you want to directly apply for.

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,,,Senior Project Manager | South Africa

With interests in various engineering sectors such as automation and control, aerospace and defense, energy efficiency and safety, one of our Engineering clients is currently seeking a Senior Project Manager. Apply here:

,,,Field Service Engineer | Mpumalanga, South Africa

One of our global Engineering clients is a Fortune 100 company with interests in various engineering sectors. If you are an experienced Field Service Engineer apply here:

,,,Economic Development Manager | Johannesburg, South Africa

Our Engineering client from the solar industry and with operations globally focus on the selling of solar related products such as solar modules, inverters as well as ground mounting structures to name a few. If you are an energetic and passionate candidate wanting to join their team of experts apply here:

,,,Project Development Analyst | Cape Town, South Africa

With operations world-wide, an Engineering client of ours is a leader in the PV solar solutions energy sector who have developed, financed, and constructed some of the world’s most successful PV Plants. If you would like to join their team, apply here:

,,,Sales Engineer | Johannesburg South Africa

One of our Engineering clients is an expert in low, medium and high voltage electric motors, variable speed drives, switchgears, transformers as well as generators to name a few. If you would like to join their team, apply here:


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