This South African is one of the best venture capitalists in the world

Roelof Botha is making his mark in Silicon Valley, and the world all over. The South African has been ranked as the 14th best venture capitalist in the world in the Forbes Midas List.

The Midas List

The annual Midas List is a data-driven ranking of the world’s 100 top venture capitalists based on all exits (IPOs or acquisitions) above $200 million and private companies valued at $400 million or more over the last five years. ,Forbes and partner True Bridge assessed an investor’s involvement in each deal and put a premium on newer exits and returns that reflect bigger and bolder bets. Each year, the Midas team reviews submissions across hundreds of partners and dozens of firms. The list is characteristically dominated by American and Chinese investors. And this year, South African born Roelof Botha made the 14th spot on the 16th annual list. In 2017, he was 34th on the list, marking a huge jump in influence.

About Roelof Botha:

The 44-year-old former PayPal CFO and partner at Sequoia Capital grew up in Pretoria and Cape Town. He holds a Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of Cape Town, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University, both of which named him the best student in that degree’s year. Roelof is the grandchild of retired politician, Pik Botha. 

According to Forbes, Botha “stumbled into the role of entrepreneur when he was running low on cash and decided to join PayPal” as a Stanford grad student. He became PayPal’s Chief Financial Officer whilst still earning his MBA at Stanford. He negotiated PayPal’s sale to eBay for $1.5 billion before leaving for his current position as partner at Sequoia Capital, where he focuses on the credit card processing business, Square.  He was an early investor in Youtube. Today, he has investments in genetic testing company 23andme, and ticketing event platform Eventbrite, as well as MongoDB.

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