Tippi Degre, Africa’s modern day Mowgli

Tippi lived in Namibia until the age of ten and was totally exposed to the wildest of wildest animals. From elephants, leopards and crocodiles, to lion cubs, giraffes and cheetahs, every animal that she came across was her friend. She closely grew up with the Bushmen and Himba tribes of the Kalahari and this majorly influenced her life as they taught her how to live on roots and berries, and how to speak their language. Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert (her parents) worked as wildlife photographers while living in the beautiful country, Namibia.

Besides the evident stresses and worries her parents had, Tippi experienced the richest and amazing childhood. A VERY few of us can state that we lived an actual life journey where we trotted ostriches in to kill time or that our best friend while growing up was a 28-year-old African elephant named Abu, one of the biggest animals to walk the planet!

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