Top 10 highest salaries for graduates in South Africa

Top 10 salaries for graduates in South Africa


Top 10 highest salaries for graduates South Africa_CA Global

Last year I published an interesting article on the ,CA Finance blog, listing the top 10 salaries in South Africa. That article was largely aimed at experienced, degreed professionals already in the working world. This week I read an article detailing a survey conducted with a breakdown of salary expectations that recent graduates can expect to earn in South Africa, which I wanted to share with you.

Conducting the salary survey:

The survey was conducted amongst graduates who started working from 2013 onward, by MyBroadBand, who surveyed over 4 600 South Africans according to recent qualifications and salaries they earned. They grouped degrees from the same faculty together and made no distinction between the levels of degree in their calculations. In other words, all qualifications falling under the Arts faculty, from Bachelor’s degree to Master’s degree level, would be grouped together. They then averaged the salaries within each group and these are the results:

The infographic below depicts MyBroadband’s results of the average salary per qualification:

Short Breakdown of the results

  • Engineering graduates had the highest average starting salary, R19 069 per month, followed by BEd graduates at R15 825 and general BSc graduates at R14 541.
  • A notable observation is that those who studied a Diploma or certificate qualifications earned much less than their degreed counterparts.

Question: As far you know, do you think that this is a realistic account of the salary expectations a graduate can expect to earn in South Africa?


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