Use CA Global Facebook and Twitter to search for Jobs in Africa

Using CA Global Facebook and Twitter to search for Jobs in Africa


There’s no doubt that the social media has become a primary medium of communication today. More and more people are joining social media sites daily, not only for connecting with people they know but also to connect with like-minded professionals, and in so doing, expanding their online reach and personal professional brand.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn allow recruiters and prospective employers to gather more information about you than what is outlined in your CV or discussed in your interview.

Don’t be afraid to network on Facebook and Twitter

CA Global Facebook

Facebook may be for fun, where you connect with your friends informally but do not overlook the benefits that Facebook holds for job seeking prospects.

CA Global recognises the power of social media in the market and the need to adapt to the changing needs of our candidates in Africa. We understand that you want to know about jobs in Africa, industry news and you also want someone to be available to respond to imminent queries.

We have created an awesome Facebook page where we provide you with information that you want pertaining to jobs in Africa.

CA Global Twitter

Job seekers and employers are quite active on social media with the responses being in “real-time”. Here’s one success story where a highly successful CEO of a leading Nigeria hotel, Mark Essien, attracted and recruited staff via Twitter: [,HERE].

We also make use of Twitter to connect with our Twitter-fanatical candidates in Africa.

In fact, we have just reached a new milestone of 13 000 followers!!!

Head on over to our Twitter account and chat to us, if you haven’t already done so.

Follow us on twitter to get in on the action: @CAGlobal_Jobs


Whilst Twitter and Facebook are more casual it does not replace the more formal LinkedIn (which is solely for professional use) this hasn’t stopped professionals across Africa, from building a professional network within Twitter and Facebook. If you are going to utilise Twitter and Facebook, it would be wise to change your privacy settings and censor your statuses.

A few months ago, I hosted a live chat, weekly, Facebook and Twitter, which was designed to address any queries that you have. A number of you have approached me to provide this as a daily feature, instead of a weekly feature, which I think would be a great idea!

What do you think?

Should I host a LIVE query session ,daily, or ,weekly,? 

What topics would you like advice on?

Connect with CA Global on ,,Facebook and ,Twitter TODAY!

If you would also like to learn about new jobs every day, add us on Google plus. We will add you back.

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