Video recruitment shows real stories, real people, real potential.

Job applications through video submission is a very new and innovative tool within the multi-media / social media side of things. Currently, the amount of innovative candidates using video techniques to create a video CV is ever increasing. With all this CV innovation who knows where recruitment will move to or what it will be like in years from now.  All I personally know is that recruitment tools are simply going to get more and more stimulating.

Let’s look at video creations for the purpose of recruitment. Traditionally, videos within recruitment lets say were used for interviewing purposes, such as the Managing Director of a business.  On the other hand, today the latest rise of video in recruitment is a direct result of the technology that enables it, argues. Primarily, consider the cost of a webcam nowadays. Most of us are well aware that new laptops now come with a webcam as an ordinary feature. This simply means it has made the use of video affordable and widely reachable.

What does this new term – video recruitment- actually imply? This term comprises the use of video to entice job seekers and communicate your organizational ethos, values, and culture. However, in a larger sense, video is appearing in many alternative forms for job seekers to display themselves to employers. How is this done you might ask, well the answer is this – by putting together a video CV, which simply means that you the candidate records a video about yourself. Very similar to the information that you would include in a written CV but presented in a much more visually appealing style. As competition within the employment market continuously increases, crafty candidates are using video to distinguish their applications and STAND OUT! Among the ways that video is being used by companies currently, two stand out. One way is where an organization chooses to create a video for employer branding purposes. This gets pushed out via their corporate website and through the use of social media. The second way is the use of video as a tool for interviewing candidates online.

Video technology is affordable to businesses of all sizes. Once the video is created the real challenge lies in how easily you can distribute it. With social media and video interviewing platforms, you can easily submit, download and share these videos with anyone across the world. The innovation in internet connection speeds implies that 95% of the population are able to stream video easily, so let’s expect a full video-equipped world in the near future.


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