Want to work in Africa? Smart candidates use CA Global Headhunters

Are you struggling to find a work in Africa?

Does this describe you…? You have achieved all the goals you have set out for yourself at your current employer and it’s time for you to spread your wings into Africa. You’ve read in the news and in countless articles that some of the biggest companies are expanding rapidly into Africa, and you want to be part of the team who makes a difference in Africa. After all, candidates who have experience working in multiple countries in Africa are more sought after than those who do not.

Recruiters are always advertising for jobs in Africa for countries that are considered the business hub of Africa, like Mozambique, Angola, South Africa and Nigeria; so you know that there are definitely vacancies available. But why are you not being considered?

The only thing you get when contacting conglomerates for a job at their new base in Africa, you are told some excuse or the other; or you are transferred from department to department; or you are told to send your CV to their HR department, never to be heard from again. Sound familiar?

Here’s the simple solution to finding work in Africa

It’s time to consider getting an Agent. I’m surprised to still come across highly skilled professionals in Africa who do not work with a Recruitment Agent.

There is a misconception about what Recruiters do and the type of people that recruiters are. To set the record straight, here’s the reality:

Recruiters do not decide whether you are placed at the company – the final say lies with the client. But a GOOD Recruiter knows their market very well and is able to advise the the client on expectations vs the reality.

What a Good Recruiter can do for you:

A good Recruiter specialises in a particular market within a particular region. So for instance, if you come across an Oil & Gas Recruiter focusing on Africa Jobs, then you can be rest assured this person deals with all jobs pertaining to jobs in the Oil & Gas sector across every single country in Africa.

This means that they work with every skill pertaining to Oil & Gas including Petrochemical, Refineries, Exploration, Operations, Drilling, Production, Health & Safety, Marine, Shipping, Logistics, etc.

Continuing with the Oil & Gas Recruiter example, this person would work solely with Oil & Gas companies and would only work with candidates who come from the Oil & Gas industry. With constant communication between Oil & Gas companies, and liaising with oil & gas candidates seeking work, this Oil & Gas Recruiter is privy to information pertaining to which companies are starting new operations in Africa, or which companies are retrenching skilled Oil & Gas professionals, etc.

CA Global’s corporate websites and job portals are listed below.

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Keeping client information secret is part and parcel of a Recruiter’s job. If confidentiality is requested by the client (i.e. they cannot advertise the job at all) then the Recruiter needs to have a well-established network of Oil & Gas professionals to tap into; and likewise, if the candidate requires confidentiality (within a limited scope) then then the Recruiter should have a well-established network of oil & Gas companies to call and discuss the candidate’s profile with.

Essentially the Oil & Gas Recruiter becomes so well-versed with the Oil & Gas market that they are able to advise the best course of action. This is the case for every other specialist Recruiter in Finance, Banking, Mining, Engineering and Construction.

CA Global Jobs in Africa Sectors Work in Africa_

CA Global can find a job for you in any of these sectors in Africa

“Recruiters are not out to get you. The more they know about you the better they are able to represent you to the client. They act as your proxy to gain that initial interview.”

Where to find a Specialist Recruiter in Africa?

The CA Global Group is a staffing and recruitment company that has managed to build close relationships with most of the multinational companies with operations in Africa. I’m talking about the biggest banks in Africa, the biggest oil & Gas companies in Africa, the biggest Engineering companies in Africa, the biggest insurance companies in Africa, and the list goes on. This is the same for small to medium-sized companies as well.

All the Recruiters who work at CA Global focus their attention on a specialised sector and have very good relationships with the companies they work with.

If you want to work in Africa then you want a Recruiter who have good relationships with HR and EXCO (the true decision-makers) at these companies that hold the key to your dream job!

Click here for Jobs in Banking, Finance and Insurance

Click here for Jobs in Oil & Gas

Click here for Jobs in Mining

Click here for Jobs in Engineering

Do you want to work in Africa? Stop waiting around and make the change.

CA Global Recruiters have jobs across Africa. Let us introduce you to these clients…


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