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Welcome! This is the first step to landing your dream job!

A number of our Africa readers who have been struggling to find jobs in Africa have asked me to help them find a job. One thing that candidates need to understand is that you will only be shortlisted for an interview if your experience (and qualifications) matches the job requirement set out by our clients. With that said, I would like to help all our candidates who have Africa experience, to find a job with one of our multinational clients in Africa.

Last week I posted an article that discussed the Biggest Africa Job Board, which many of our candidates found very useful. Click HERE to see that article.

Today I would like to discuss another option to help you land your dream job in Africa! I will be conducting interviews with candidates from all sectors including but not limited to:

  1. Mining
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Banking
  4. Finance
  5. Insurance
  6. Agriculture
  7. Engineering
  8. Students
  9. Lecturers
  10. And so many other jobs in Africa that is too much to mention here…

After interviewing you, I will be publishing your story, outlining your background, to our Africa Job Board and social media websites where all our readers in Africa, including our clients, will see your skills and abilities. Everything that is put online will be with your consent, so that you can land your dream job in Africa!

Why not visit our Africa Job Board and see what jobs in Africa the website offers? These are the type of jobs that we have on the Africa Job Board, to mention just a few:

  1. Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
  2. Engineering Manager
  3. Oil & Gas Treasury Accountant
  4. Fishing Tool Supervisor
  5. DRT Borehole Enlargement Engineer
  6. Insurance BD Consultant
  7. Senior Systems Administrator
  8. Head of Corporate Finance
  9. Sale Engineer
  10. Mechanical Supervisor (X5)
  11. Electrical Superintendents (X5)
  12. Financial Controller

All the jobs listed above are spread across different countries in Africa. If any of the jobs listed above is in your field, then APPLY NOW! If you do not see a job that interests you yet, then upload your CV and it will be sent directly to our Africa Job Board CV database. All our Consultants have access to the database and every time someone registers their CV they receive the CV to their inbox. They then look at your CV and match it to all the jobs that they are working on.

A feature that is added for all candidates who register their CV is to receive a notification whenever a new job in Africa is added to the Africa Job Board. Nice, hey?

I have uploaded the Inview Questionnaire for Jobs in Africa and added it in the blue button below. If you would like me to interview you and publish it to the Africa Job Board website other social media sites, then download the questionnaire, it in and email the completed document to me. My email address is shown on the document.

Download the Jobs in Africa Interview Questionnaire

,To see our Africa jobs available click one of these buttons:,

Jobs in Northern Africa Jobs in Central Africa Jobs in Eastern Africa

Jobs in Southern Africa Jobs in Western Africa

By the way, I will be answering all your job-related questions on Facebook and Twitter every Friday for an hour, between 11:00AM and 12:00PM under the hashtag #AskFowzia and #JobsInAfrica. starting this Friday 8th May 2015!

Come say hi to me – I love speaking with all our candidates :)!

Fowzia Gamiet

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