What is Africa’s Development Finance and Microfinance Market?

Exploring Africa’s Development Finance and Microfinance Market

Development Finance in Africa is quite a niche market. I posted the question of what is Development Finance, on our social media sites, and to my surprise, I received no response. Nobody seemed to know what Development Finance entails.

So, before publishing this article, given that I am not a Development Financier, I had to thoroughly investigate the topic before being able to discuss it. That included researching, re-reading and analysing pages of technical financial jargon before finally turning to our Guest Blogger – Aziz Gool- for assistance on translating the terms into layman’s terms for me.

Due to the reputation that ,CA Global has built up in Africa, for providing very strong Finance-skilled professionals within niche markets, especially for servicing the Africa Jobs market, 3 of our clients have asked us to assist them with finding Development Finance-skilled individuals and Microfinance-Skilled individuals.

We have thus started a massive search for a number of jobs in Development Finance and Microfinance in Africa and thus are actively hunting down (in a manner of speaking :)) skilled individuals from these markets in Africa.

The portfolio of candidates that we have our database, who possess specialist finance skills, is growing day by day. However, there is a shortage of skilled Development Finance professionals and Microfinance Professionals within the Africa space at the moment, especially in Uganda, Ghana and Mauritius.

What is Development Finance?

Development finance was created as a financial solution earmarked for developmental purposes. It is an emerging market focused investment strategy that aims to deploy capital to stimulate economic growth and capacity building in underdeveloped geographies such as sub Saharan Africa. Capital sources generally have a large weighting to sovereign wealth funds and aim to deliver both strong financial returns as well as social impact. This means a large focus on real asset opportunities such as infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, education and manufacturing to name a few. The types of vehicles used to invest take various forms including private equity, guarantees and debt (micro finance).

CA Global Recruitment in Africa: We provide Jobs in Africa

What is Microfinance?                                                         

Microfinance is a derivative of Development finance. It is a development finance vehicle or product. Its aim is to stimulate growth and sustainability at the bottom end of the pyramid and deliver poverty alleviation. A debt vehicle is used to mitigate financial loss by “pricing for risk”. The main benefit here includes providing financial services to the unbanked and migrating them into the main stream economy including getting them to pay tax.

Development Finance Jobs and Microfinance Jobs in Africa

Investors have been looking at Africa as a lucrative business prospect, given the fruitful economic potential that it has been showing. Entrepreneurs have been watching the marketability of certain African countries and are providing Development Finance and Microfinance services within the African countries that yield favourable outcomes.

Monique Steele – an Executive Resourcer who focuses on the Development Finance and Microfinance sector, has a few companies that have asked her to look for Development Finance Individuals and Microfinance individuals across Africa.

If you are a Development Finance or Microfinance-skilled professional, and you are looking to make your next career move into Africa, then I would advise that you contact Monique for a confidential discussion. Her email address is Monique[at]caglobalint[dot]com.

Jobs for Development Finance or Microfinance-skilled professionals in the following African Countries:

Click this image for Development Finance Jobs in Africa

  1. Ghana
  2. Mauritius
  3. Egypt
  4. Nigeria
  5. Iraq
  6. Uganda
  7. South Africa

There are a number of jobs that Monique is working on, located in a number of different countries in Africa as well as within different levels of seniority within Development Finance and Microfinance. I have published a list of Development Finance Jobs in Africa as well as Microfinance Jobs in Africa on our Banking and Finance Job Board.

If you are interested in applying for Development Finance Jobs in Africa, then please click ,HERE for more details and to apply.

What Development Finance and Microfinance institutions aim to do:

The ultimate goal of Development Finance Institutions and Microfinance Institutions is to help individuals as well as small business owners to grow and in turn, stimulate economic growth for them, thereby improving the country’s growth in the long run. Without these institutions, many individuals and small companies, considered as high-risk profiles to banks and other larger money-lending institutions, would not have access to finance to be able to implement their business idea. What would those repercussions be, on the growth of the African country in question, or on the growth of the African continent as a whole?

Read further on Development Finance in Africa:

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