Where do diamonds come from?

Where do diamonds come from and what is it made of?

Diamond Fact: Did you know that diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth? Not only that but the only thing that can cut through or even scratch a diamond, is another diamond.

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamonds are made of only one element – carbon. Diamonds are actually formed millions, even billions of years ago. It is said that extreme heat and pressure acts on pure carbon situated over 150 kilometres below the earth’s surface (in a region beneath the crust known as the mantle) and turns it into colourless diamond crystals.  ,[,Source: AMNH (Where do diamonds come from?,)]

Mining diamonds

  1. Diamonds are thus mined in areas that have experienced volcanic activity in the past
  2. Diamonds are mined in gravel beds
  3. Diamonds are also mined on ocean floors.
[,,Source: Wonderopolis (Where do diamonds come from?,)]

How do the diamonds get to the earth’s surface?

Volcanic activity brings diamonds closer to the Earth’s surface. Once a volcano erupts, volcanic pipes are formed, known as kimberlite pipes, which push diamonds to the earth’s surface, after which it cools down are ripe for the taking.

How do diamonds get their colours?

As diamonds travel to the surface of the Earth, they tend to mix with trace amounts of other minerals and take on the colours of the other minerals, resulting in diamonds eventually containing a variety of colours. It is very rare when you find a colourless diamond and if you do, know that it will be very expensive! Other rarer colours are blue, red, orange, pink, and green.  Most diamonds have a traces of brown or yellow in them. [,,Source: Wonderopolis (Where do diamonds come from?,)]

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