Which CA Global Headhunters slogan…?

Which CA Global Headhunters slogan…?

At ,CA Global Headhunters, we are always diversifying our company in order to bring the best services to our candidates and clients in Africa. As part of our latest branding strategy we are including a slogan which we think will complete our existing presence in Africa. As you know, we have a vast Africa reach and we would like to encompass our ability to bring jobs in Africa to candidates anywhere in Africa; our service standards as well as our strong Africa presence into our CA Global Headhunters slogan.

The CA Global Consultants, Directors and Executive team have had meetings and brainstorming sessions and I thought I would include our readers in the outcome of the meetings, to gauge your input on the matter. Your input is important to us as it helps us grow and build our Africa reach.

Which slogan do you think suits our brand; 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 ?

We have shortlisted 5 potential slogans:

  1. Bridging the gap between Africa talent and Africa
  2. We know Africa Recruitment
  3. Your Africa Recruitment Partner
  4. Recruiting Africans and Expats in Africa for Africa
  5. We find Talent anywhere in Africa
CA Global Headhunters Slogan Logo__Fowzia Gamiet_Africa Jobs


Do you have a slogan suggestion we should consider?


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