WHY was CA Global’s methodology setup to focus on Recruitment in Africa?

,Bradley Barr, CA Global Headhunters’ Managing Director, explains the origin of the company and why the methodology was setup to focus on Recruitment in Africa.

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The year of 1999 is when it all begun. Bradley was working in the recruitment field in Europe, London specifically, when he started noticing the pattern of big industry companies focusing their investments into the Asian and Chinese markets. Simultaneously, China was racing for commodities and starting to focus heavily on African countries that needed a trade-off of infrastructure for commodities.

In 2009 there was a global rise in colonialism, dictatorships, civil wars, exploitation, poverty and financial collapses, motivating Europe, Asia and America to diversify their investments across the African continent. This is when Recruitment in Africa increased in demand. The gap broadened and Africa began experiencing (more so than ever) an increase in start-ups, foreign investment, demand for skills and workers as well as the demand for headhunting / recruiting services.

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So what are the implications and logistics for organisations which are in need of expatriates launching operations for the first time in Africa? And how does this impact recruitment in Africa?

IF an efficient recruitment and training strategy is implemented correctly from start to end, whereby the expat team is responsible for training local citizens, without a doubt there will be long term benefits. The flip side is that, companies have developed the habit of using shortcuts during the planning phase and therefore find themselves dealing with severe problems several years later (with no local skills to takeover because they did not allow for the successful transfer of skills). It can take up to 5 years to train a new employee, obviously it all depends on the skill level one is dealing with. Age, cultural background, education and language preferences are just a few of the elements that need to be taken into account.

Because of the booming industries across Africa, the demand for skills implies that organisations are continuously running the high risk of losing new talent to competitors, and therefore long-term development programs for growth are vital for retaining staff.

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