Zouérate – The Mining town

Zouérate is a mining town that was established in the 1950s and is located at the foot of Kedia of Idjil near the iron mine Tazadit.

This construction and early operation of iron ore overlapped with the independence of the country in 1960. Materials for its construction, but also the exploitation of iron ore was transported by truck from Nouadhibou, by following the rough route tracks. The supply (food and water) follows the same path.

An airport runway is drawn. It is not paved at first and allows landing aircraft types DC3, DC4.  Located in a desert place, the main problem is the water. The site Boulanouar is rich in fresh groundwater, and is located on the railroad route.. This site was a major solution contributor to the water problem. Only after 1978 was water found in a field and now is the water supplier for Zouérate.  The construction of the city, with high temperatures, but in a dry climate, is a clear plan and airy which gives pride to housing expatriates.

The accommodations are furnished, equipped and air-conditioned. Electricity is produced in the general services. It is mainly used to supply the devices ore mining. Waste water from the city (gives rise to an intense plant growth (combining natural sun-water-fertilizer, bio) Date palms are grown quickly. Vegetable gardens will emerge (tomatoes, onions are grown and sold to people).

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