The Right Way to Resign

So you’ve made up your mind. It’s time to move on from your current position. Whether you’ve found a new opportunity, or just need to escape a toxic environment, resigning appropriately is still important. Here is the appropriate way to resign from your job.

When you are ready to resign, you have to construct a resignation letter.

In this letter you must detail:

  1. Your name
  2. The date
  3. Name of the addressee (your manager or boss)
  4. Your notice of termination of employment (e.g. ‘I wish to hand in my notice…’)
  5. Date termination is effective from (e.g. ‘effective from November 19th, 2014’)
  6. A Thank you
  7. Your signature

Here is an example,

Dear [Your boss’s name]

I wish to hand in my resignation from my post as [your job title] at [your company name]. I will be seeing out my notice period of [notice period length]. My last day will be on [date].

Thank you for the opportunity of working at [your company name]. I have grown and learnt some invaluable skills that I will carry with my in my future endeavors.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to aid the transition in my last few days.

I wish you and [the company] future growth and success.

Kind regards,

[your name].

It is imperative that you remain respectful and courteous. No matter what happened at your work or with your boss to lead to your resignation, you cannot give in to negative feelings. At the end of the day, you are still part of a business and need to be professional.

Once you have drafted the resignation letter, you need to set up a meeting with your boss to hand over your letter. In this meeting, your boss might ask you more questions about your resignation. It is thus important to prep for any questions. In some cases, employers might provide a counter-offer to keep you at the company. If this happens, you should consider the counter-offer. Consider if the counter offer is worth staying, and if it will improve your working experience and life more than your new opportunity. If not, you have to turn the resignation down and let your boss know that having weighed your options, you appreciate the offer but will be continuing with your new opportunity.

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