Top Jobs for Young South Africans to Consider

Top Jobs for Young South Africans to Consider

The South African youth unemployment rate has become a cause for concern in recent years. Young South African graduates are struggling to find work. With many becoming demoralized and/or leaving the country to find jobs elsewhere. This high unemployment rate has knock on effects for the economy, social inequality, poverty and crime. [Source]

Gary Epstein, MD at EasyBiz QuickBooks argues that essential marketplace skills should be developed, as they can be applied across a range of industries. “Certain skills, such as those in finance and accounting, can also be applied across a range of industries, thereby increasing opportunities for employment.” He continues by saying that, “With President Cyril Ramaphosa committing to phasing in fully subsidised higher education and training for poor and working-class students in 2018, these are the skills we should be encouraging our youth to study. Otherwise we may be at risk of increasing the number of unemployed graduates in our society.”

Here are 5 top jobs in South Africa that young South Africans should be considering, with PayScale developed data on average salary earning potential for these jobs.

Finance or Accounting Manager

Average salary: R247,329 per annum

The demand for finance or accounting manager jobs will likely never die down because every business has a finance department necessary to keep the business running. In South Africa particularly, there is a huge demand. Epstein points out that “The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has noted that South Africa needs an additional 22,000 certified accountants to occupy the current demand gap.”


Average salary: Average: R472,052 per annum.

Throughout the world, we are in constant need of doctors in both the private and public healthcare sectors, especially considering the growing population.

Analytics Professional

Average salary: Average: R690,594 per annum.

We are moving into the fourth industrial revolution, where reliance on technology and data will continue to increase. As such, we need experts at analyzing this data. According to Epstein, “With increasing reliance on technology, businesses collect, store and analyse massive amounts of data on a daily basis. These advances in computing and automation have resulted in high demand for analytics professionals.”


Average salary: R352,995 per annum.

Epstein notes, “South Africa produces, and retains, far too few engineers. With many South African engineering graduates choosing to work abroad, the national marketplace presents many opportunities for those wanting to apply their skills locally.”


Average salary: R176,169 per annum.

South Africa has a massive demand for artisans. “Earlier this year, Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, Jessie Duarte, noted that there is a staggering shortfall of 40,000 qualified artisans in the country,” said Epstein.

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