What is an Africa Job Board and why should I use it?

The employment market is constantly evolving. Today, employment barriers have been blurred, due to new intercompany and employment policies. Companies in Africa are crossing neighbouring borders to expand their operations. Job seekers no longer have to limit their job-hunting exercise only to their immediate locale. Job seekers are now able to utilise job boards online, to find a job anywhere in Africa.

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What is a Job Board?

A job board is an online platform (or search engine) that advertises job opportunities. It easily connects potential employers with the right candidates (jobseekers) and is a great place to find jobs for your respective industry. On some job boards, companies and Recruiters use job boards to post jobs as well as search for candidate CVs. Other job boards will redirect interested candidates to company websites to complete the application process.

5 Popular General Job Boards in South Africa

1. LinkedIn

2. Pnet

3. Careers24

4. Indeed

5. Career Junction

What is an Africa job board?

An Africa job board is a platform with job openings specifically tailored for countries in Africa. Today, when looking for a job, young professionals need to think beyond national borders. Africa Job boards have become the easiest and most convenient way of finding jobs in Africa. It connects the job seeker and the employer (or recruiter), all in one central place.

Simply put, an Africa Job Board is like Google but just for vacancies in Africa.

5 Popular Job Boards in Africa

1. Africa Job Board

2. CA Global Headhunters: Jobs in Africa

3. Mining Jobs in Africa

4. Engineering Jobs in Africa

5. Banking Jobs in Africa

Job Boards are an essential tool for job seekers and employers to connect. Understanding the reach and specialisation of individual job boards will help ensure that you use them most efficiently and effectively, and ensure you maximize the chances you’ll find your next job.

If you want to maximise your chances of finding a job in Africa, it is vital to familiarise yourself with a reliable and trusted Africa Job Board. Start building your profile today and keep your CV up to date with your most recent jobs, skills you’ve acquired, courses and qualifications, software programs you’ve used, and any other relevant information.

Important to note: Many recruitment companies use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) which MAY prevent you from being shortlisted. It is thus imperative that you draft your CV using the correct keywords, specific to your industry and the job you are applying for.

Find your next job on the Africa Job Board.

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