Which country has the world’s best quality of nationality?

Which country has the best quality of nationality in the world? Let’s find out!

The ,Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) by Henley & Partners is the first index of its kind to objectively rank the quality of nationalities worldwide. It explores both the internal factors (such as economic strength, human development, and peace and stability) and the external factors (including visa-free travel and the ability to settle and work abroad without cumbersome formalities) that make one nationality better than another in terms of a legal status through which to develop your talents and business. Using a combination of quantifiable data, the QNI measures the internal value of a nationality. This refers to the quality of life and opportunities for personal growth within a country of origin. Kochenov explains, “In today’s globalized world, the legal status of millions of nationals extends their opportunities and desires far beyond their countries of origin. The confines of the state are simply not the limit of their ambitions and expectations.”

The top 10 countries with the best quality of nationality:

France takes the top spot with an overall 81.7%, followed by Germany and Iceland in second and third respectively. Denmark (4th), Netherlands (5th), Norway (6th), Sweden (7th), Finland (joint 8th), Italy (joint 8th), Switzerland (9th) and Ireland (10th) round out the top 10.

,South Africa scored 32.8% out of a possible 100%. SA ranked in with a general QNI of #92, beating out 72 other countries. In terms of travel freedom, SA gets the 82nd spot, 50th for settlement freedom and 91st spot for nationality. Last year, South Africa was ranked 87th for its general QNI. The best ranking it had the past seven years was 79th in 2011.

Here are the top 10 African countries that made the list:

  1. The Seychelles – 49th
  2. Mauritius – 53rd
  3. South Africa – 92nd
  4. Cape Verde – 93rd
  5. Ghana – 95th
  6. Botswana – 96th
  7. Gambia – 103rd
  8. Sierra Leone – 104th
  9. Benin -105th
  10. Senegal – 106th

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